Safety at Animate Florida

Animate Florida has a safety policy in place to ensure that everyone has a great time at the event.

For details, follow these links:

No Weapons Allowed at Animate Florida

Prop and Costume Policies at Animate Florida

Costume and Mask Policies at Animate Florida

Sign and Banner Policies at Animate Florida

Animate Florida has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for GUNS and for REAL and/or REALISTIC weapons of any kind. No weapons are allowed, period. Searches will be conducted if any bag or outfit presents as suspicious. Anyone not consenting to a search at the request of a security officer will be asked to leave without refund.

Animate Staff fully understand that none of our fans or attendees are of any threat to anyone. We also appreciate that we have never had an incident in the past when we allowed fake weapons into the building. Unfortunately, due to recent occurrences and the current trend for conventions, we have to eliminate all possible confusion about props and fake weapons.

What do we mean by weapons? We are not referring to “cartoon” weapons (we consider those “props”)… we are talking about REAL and REALISTIC looking weapons. Lightsabers and Phasers are ok. Airsoft and BB guns are not.

Anyone entering the building with a mask on may be asked to remove it upon entry. You may put it back on once you pass the prop check point.

Animate Florida wants every attendee to have a good experience at our show. Your safety and security is our top concern.