Rachael Lillis

Rachael Lillis is best known for her roles as Misty, Jessie, and Jigglypuff in Pokémon (seasons 1-8), Utena in Revolutionary Girl Utena, Hela in Cubix, Ame Tomoe in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Danny in Sonic X, Ryoko Miyazono in Your Lie in April, Sella in Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, Mito Freecss in Hunter × Hunter, and Micott Bartsch in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.

Rachael’s other Pokémon roles include Misty, Jessie, Violet, Maylene, Yuko, Brock’s Vulpix, Misty’s Goldeen, Misty’s Horsea, Misty’s Poliwag, Caserin, Luverin, Tracey’s Venonat, May’s Torchic, May’s Silcoon and Beautifly, Drew’s Masquerain, Nurse Joy’s Chansey, Duplica’s Ditto, Aya’s Venonat, Jigglypuff, Spoink, Sunflora (Wigglytuff’s Guild), Shinx brother, and more!

Some of Rachael’s other voice acting credits include Mizuki in Comic Party, Kanako in Genshiken, Dr. Reese Drake and Ursula in Dinosaur King, Rona in The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye, Mai in Animation Runner Kuromi, Aya in Boys Be…, Headmistress Faragonda in Winx Club, Momoe in Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars, Haruka in Midori Days, Shizuka in Shrine of the Morning Mist, Hitomi and Mitsuko in Nana Seven of Seven, Ayaka in Gravitation, Kanaka in World of Narue, Ami in DNA², V-Sion in K.O. Beast, Miyu in Alien Nine, Omni Exist in Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer, Miyako and Aya in His and Her Circumstances, Princess Charlotte in Beserk, Nagi Kirima and Manaka Kisaragi in Boogiepop Phantom, Princess Sera and Queen of Baritone in Slayers Try, Maypia and Sania in Agent Aika, Cally and Paula in The Slayers, and Martina and Kira in Slayers Next.

Rachael’s video game credits include Ms. Globular in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, Jigglypuff in Super Smash Bros., Jigglypuff and Goldeen in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Jigglypuff in Pokemon Snap, Misty and Jessie in Pokemon Puzzle League, Jelanda and Mystina in Valkyrie Profile, and Natalie in Ape Escape 2.

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