Patty Hawkins

Patty Hawkins is a geek theorist, comedian, film critic, writer, historian & gadfly. A frequent emcee, panelist, moderator & celebrity interviewer at conventions, he has become known for his entertainingly comprehensive & interactive interview style. He is presently the host of Come Get ∑ (Come Get Sum), a talk show focusing on social issues in geek & convention culture. He is also the host of the comedy podcast Sots On Cels that combines drinking with Saturday Morning cartoon nostalgia, a contributor to the Dr. Who podcast MarkWho42, co-founder of the Partisan Podcast network, a member of the Geeks Of Comedy & co-owner of Ty-Fy Studios. When not broadcasting he works as a stage & VO actor and is an innovator in anachronistic & experimental cosplay. A self professed ‘Social Justice Soldier (NOT a warrior) he is known for his blistering commentary, scathing humor & an embarrassingly discursive knowledge about damn near ANYTHING involving capes, swords or ray guns. He can also re-enact entire issues of comic books in their entirety on demand.

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