Meet the fighters of Dead or Alive 5 at Animate Florida!

Meet the voices behind Leifang and Zack from Dead or Alive 5 at Animate Florida October 6-8, 2017!

Cassandra Lee Morris portrays the Taiji Quan prodigy Leifang and Keith Silverstein portrays Zack, the DJ and Muy Thai master in Dead or Alive 5.

Both actors will be at meet and greets, panels, Q&A’s and more throughout the weekend of Animate Florida.

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Cassandra Lee Morris is best known for her roles as Leafa in Sword Art Online, Morgana in Persona 5, Kyubey in Madoka Magica, Operator 6O in Nier: Automata, Nami in League of Legends, Taiga in Toradora!, Edea Lee in Bravely Read More …

Keith Silverstein is the voice of Torbjorn in the smash hit game Overwatch, Hisoka on Toonami’s Hunter x Hunter, Speedwagon in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hawk Moth on Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, mega-baddie Gild Tesoro in One Piece Read More …