Animate 2017 Events

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Tabletop Gaming Events

Supercon Tabletop Gaming is bringing an extensive library of board games, card games, RPGs, and more to Animate Florida! Tabletop Open Gaming Come down and enjoy the library of board and card games th

Cafe Kira Hoshi – Maid Cafe

The maids and butlers of Cafe Kira Hoshi would like to invite you to enjoy a one of a kind experience! Take a break from the busy con floor and enjoy some delicious snacks, exciting performances, fun

Video Gaming at Animate Florida

Supercon Gaming is bringing the best selection of games you’ll find in Miami to Animate Florida, with current & last-generation systems for tournament and free play, including the Xbox One, Play

Carolina Manga Library

Carolina Manga Library is a 501(c)3 organization that was formed for the express purpose of promoting literacy through graphic novels. They operate a traveling library that sets up at conventions and

Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling – FSCW

Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling “FSCW” is the most hard hitting, heart pounding wrestling action this side of Tatooine! Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling “FSCW” is the premier co

How to get FREE Autographs at Animate!

ALL of the voice actor guests at Animate Florida will be signing one autograph on your own item for FREE! Use this as a step-by-step guide so you know how to get your autograph! And remember, you must

Pokemon Reunion at Animate Florida

Prepare for Trouble! And Make it Double with Eric Stuart and Rachel Lillis! The voice actors for the infamous Team Rocket Duo as well as Brock and Misty from the original Pokemon Series will be joinin

South Florida Lolitas – Lolita Fashion Show

Join the South Florida Lolitas for a fun and exciting presentation about the history and different styles of lolita followed by a spectacular fashion show! The presentation will not only inform you on

Exhibitor Room Directory

Check out our exhibitor hall to satisfy all your Geeky Shopping needs! Located in the West Hall of the Miami Airport Convention Center, our exhibit space is full of Celebrities, Vendors, Publishers, E

Meet the stars of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate at Animate Florida

Meet the voice actors for the master assassin twins from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate; Evie and Jacob Frye! Both Victoria Atkin and Paul Amos will be joining us at Animate Florida on October 6-8,

Animate Florida Costume Competition

Saturday, October 7 @ 8:30PM MACC 2 BALLROOM CLICK HERE to complete the Costume Competition entry form. Scroll down to read information, rules, and regulations. Compete with the best of the best cos

Masquerade Costume and Performance Competition

Sunday, October 8 @ 4:30PM MACC 1 BALLROOM CLICK HERE to complete the Masquerade Competition entry form. Scroll down to read information, rules, and regulations. The ANIMATE FLORIDA Masquerade Costum

ANIMATE FLORIDA Runway Costume Contest

Friday, October 6 @ 7:00PM ROOM 203 – 206 “FISHBOWL STAGE” CLICK HERE to complete the Runway Costume Competition entry form. Scroll down to read information, rules, and regulations